Another achievement in the treatment of Mucormycosis at Gotri Government Hospital in Vadodara

Three and a half hours marathon surgery without making the patient unconscious

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Another achievement in the treatment of Mucormycosis at Gotri Government Hospital in Vadodara

The ENT department of GMERS Gotri has taken innovative initiative that is beneficial to the patient in treatment of mucormycosis. Earlier the fungus was cleaned with the help of a microdibrider from the back of the eye to protect the eye that had not been infected and surgery was done to save the patient from mental stress while keeping the beauty of the face intact.

At present, as the number of cases of mucormycosis is less, surgery to remove salivary gland stones, which is not done in any other hospital in Gujarat, was done in this department.

As a pioneering initiative, the hospital recently performed a three-and-a-half-hour marathon surgery on mucormycosis patient with kidney stone in conscious state, deafening only the nasal passages, since it was not possible to completely anesthetize. The team of Hiren Soni and colleagues, added a miracle to the medical miracles that take place in government hospitals.

Informing that the patient has undergone surgery for a maximum of two hours in a conscious state, Dr. Hiren Soni said that in such a nose or foot surgery, the patient cannot see, so there is no special problem.

But in this case, from the nose to the lower part of the brain, behind the eyes, in places like cyanosis, the fungus had to be cleaned by cutting the bone. Sony said it was not possible to give general anesthesia because the patient had only three creatine due to kidney stones.

In addition, this patient was also at risk of being given local anesthesia by injection. In these circumstances, the surgery was performed by deafening the nasal passages. The patient was given a full understanding before surgery. The procedure was performed in a situation where the patient could see the surgery on the nose with the naked eye, in which the patient's self-confidence and courage must also be appreciated.

Not only that, for twenty days after the surgery, the patient was cautiously given nephrotoxic drugs like amphotericin B and liposomal under special monitoring.

The surgery combines the medical knowledge and expertise of a government-run hospital in Gotri, adding to the success story of providing relief to patients. Dr. Soni and their team deserve congratulations for this effort.

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