Ahmedabad Crime branch reconstruct the sensational Sweety Patel murder case

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Ahmedabad Crime branch reconstruct the sensational Sweety Patel murder case

Ahmedabad Crime Branch along with PI Ajay Desai has reached his Karjan-based home for reconstruction in the sensational Sweety Patel murder case. The team along with the PI reconstructed the series of events which led to the murder of Sweety Patel and how the body was taken away by putting it in the car. The team also checked for blood stains in the bathroom of the house.

Earlier, police produced PI Ajay Desai and his friend Kirit Singh Jadeja in court on Monday evening seeking a 14-day remand and the court granted them 11-day remand. Police suspect that the murder was a premeditated conspiracy as the PI had talked to Kirit Singh about disposing of his sister after she became pregnant with another man a month ago. The question of how one person can burn a corpse and manage fuel is being investigated.

The question of how 5 piles of wood at the back of the Hotel and how the corpse was burned has become important for the police. Questions, including whether Kirit Singh Jadeja still has important information about the murder, have become the subject of investigation.

An inquiry was launched into whether Sweety Patel was pregnant for the second time and whether there was a quarrel between the two over the issue. Police produced PI Ajay Desai and Kirit Singh Jadeja in the Karjan court at 6 pm on Monday and sought a 14-day remand. The court granted an 11-day remand after a lengthy hearing. Strict police deployment was kept at the court complex on Monday to avoid any untoward incident.

PI Ajay Desai told police that he strangled Sweety Patel to death. However, blood stains were found in the bathroom of PI's Karjan-based house. So police is investigating about what really happened that night and hence reconstruct the series of events happened the night of incident till dispose of the body.

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