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Afghan students studying in MSU Baroda worried about their families

Afghan students studying in MSU Baroda worried about their families

Afghan students studying in MSU Baroda worried about their families

After Taliban capturing Afghanistan people have found it difficult to survive. At that time Afghan students studying at the world famous Maharaja Sayajirao University in Vadodara became worried about their family based in Afghanistan.

Students from home and abroad are studying in the Maharaja Sayajirao University, in which 11 male and female students from Afghanistan studying in Science, MSW and other faculties including W. However, 7 students have been stranded in their hometowns after visiting their family. While 4 students have become anxious about their fellow Afghan friends and family.

One of the lady Fatima is worried about her husband who left when there was peace in Afghanistan. Meanwhile during the tense situation he have been trapped since the Taliban started capturing the country. Notably, Fatima's husband holds a Ph.D. from Maharaja Sayajirao University and is also serving as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. Fatima also come to study at the university with her husband.

Mohammad Irfan A student said, Currently the situation in Afghanistan is very bad and we are worried about our Kabul-based family. They are making efforts to talk to the family, but there is no communication. They are worried day and night. Even though they are safe here (in India), but are worried about the family situation. It is difficult for women to get out of the house. They are constantly trying to find out about the situation in Afghanistan through the news media. Human rights shall concern for women and children and we are hoping that other countries, including India and the United States, will help.

Naziba, a student, said that 11 Afghan students study at Vadodara Maharaja Sayaji Rao University. However, there are currently four students. 7 students who went to meet the family are trapped. We are worried about them and our family. Our concern has been heightened by the Taliban's occupation of Kabul as well. People in Kabul are fleeing the country. The president has also fled the country. There is no contact with her family and she pray for them to be safe as they are safe here in India. They do not know what the coming days will be in store for them.

Dhanesh Patel director of students affairs said, Afghan students studying in Vadodara are safe. He visited them and have tried to share their concerns. Their families are safe and also talked to them. Students have also been made to talk to their families. It is unknown at this time what what will be the situation but they are specially worried about their future.

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