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Abhayam Vadodara rescues troubled girl from threatening call message

Abhayam Vadodara rescues troubled girl from threatening call message

Abhayam Vadodara rescues troubled girl from threatening call message

A 28-year-old girl from Gotri area of ​​Vadodara was working in a private company. She was harassed by a young man calling and texting her constantly. The girl is engaged to another young man so she was disturbed by this type of call and messages. As a last option she contacted the 181 Abhayam Women's Security Helpline for help.

Responding immediately, the Abhayam rescue team at Bapod police station rushed to the spot. They caught the youth and gives a stern warning for his actions. He apologized in writing, assuring not to bother her anymore from now on. The victim was greatly relieved and thanked the Abhayam team for their help.

As per available details, the youth was working in a private company with the disturbed girl and during that time they got acquainted with each other and talked to through calls, messages, Facebook. One day the young man proposed marriage to her and she said would marry if her family allowed.

The girl's family refused after a proper investigation of the boy's family and she refused saying marriage was not possible. Provoked by this answer, the boy forcibly threatened the girl that if she did not marry, he would not let anyone marry her.

After that, he start harrasing her through calls and messages and the girl left her job. However, he often harassed and threatened her by text messages from different numbers.

Meanwhile the girl was engaged and her marriage is fixed elsewhere. But he continued his threatening messages and calls for not let her get married. With no option she and her family eventually contacted the 181 Women's Helpline to help them.

The Abhayam rescue team rushed to the spot and warned the youth that it was a crime to send unnecessary calls and messages. The youth apologized and assured of never again bothered in any way. All the numbers and messages kept in his mobile were deleted.

The victim was reluctant to take any further action and was released and the youth was released after a warning. Thus, with the timely help of Abhayam, the young lady was freed from big trouble and she was very thankful to this helpline. Chandrakant Makwana, the coordinator of this helpline service, has requested to contact 181 Abhayam without fear in case of such trouble, harassment by telephone or mobile.

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