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AAP protest on the issue of inadequate testing facility of CNG kits

Demand to extend notification period and testing centre, 15 detained for violation of guidelines

AAP protest on the issue of inadequate testing facility of CNG kits

Gujarat government has introduced a new rule for testing CNG kits fitted in rickshaws and other vehicles. However the testing centres are less and that makes Aam Admi Party to protest and demand to increase the facilities.

There are only four pumps for testing in Vadodara city and hence AAP held protest and Ramadhun to expressed displeasure and demand increase facilities, extend the deadline and keep a tab on the price. Meanwhile, Raopura police detained around 15 Aam Aadmi Party leaders for violation of Corona guidelines.

A party leader said that in view of the recent tragic accident in Haryana, the Gujarat government has issued a circular in which it has issued a notification for testing of CNG kits installed in rickshaws as well as other vehicles. In Vadodara, more than 70,000 rickshaws are providing employment to the poor and middle class. It is necessary to extend the time limit of this declaration. There are four testing pumps in Vadodara and it checks the testing kits of barely 30 vehicles daily and showing a waiting period of up to six months. As a result, an estimated one lakh families have been affected and their livelihoods have been ruined in the Corona period.

So they demand, the Gujarat government should extend the period for another four months and to control the price of PNG gas, so that the rickshaw driver will be relieved. Despite making representations to the district collector in this regard, there was no solution in this matter.

Police detained around 15 protestors from the spot of violation of covid guidelines.

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