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A sister lost her only brother due to ongoing doctors strike in the state

Vadodara youth died at private hospital after family fails to get the treatment due to doctors strike

A sister lost her only brother due to ongoing doctors strike in the state

A pall of gloom spread in the family living in Vadodara as they lost their son due to the ongoing doctors strike in the state. It is most shocking for the sister who has lost her only brother 15 days before the Rakshabandhan festival. The seriously injured youth was taken to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for further treatment from Sayaji Hospital. However due to ongoing doctors strike he was brought back to the city and succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

Vishal Parmar the cousin brother of the deceased said, his brother died due to the doctors' strike. He was first taken to Sayaji hospital for treatment but no doctor was ready to treat him. They then took him to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, where his treatment was started but the doctors were not present and he did not get proper treatment. So they brought him to Vadodara, where he died during treatment. I have lost my brother due to the carelessness of the doctors. We appeal to the government to look into the demands of doctors so that no one loses their brother or family.

According to police, Divyang Parmar and his friend Rahul Jadhav, resident of Ramniklal Chaal in Fategunj Navayard area, were going to Narhari Hospital on bike to take medicine for his friend Harshit as he was feeling dizzy early in the morning on August 6. They were on their way to Fategunj Circle and Rahul Jadhav, who was riding a bike lost control of the steering near Hill Memorial School and knocked with the divider. Rahul Jadhav sustained serious head injuries in the accident, while Divyang Parmar sustained minor injuries.

Pedestrians called an ambulance and Rahul was rushed to Sayaji Hospital for immediate treatment. He was rushed to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in critical condition after doctors told him to take him to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital due to severe head injury. His treatment started at the hospital, but as doctors were on strike and his family brought him back to Vadodara and admitted him to a private hospital. Where he died on Sunday afternoon during treatment.

Sayajiganj police registered a case of accident and further investigating in the matter.

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