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A new initiative from Vadodara to give employment opportunities to transgender people

SHELL- Bageshree Enterprise employed two such transgenders at petrol pump on Vadodara Padra road near Samiyala

A new initiative from Vadodara to give employment opportunities to transgender people

Transgenders are still not acceptable fully in the society and they are still fighting for their existence and identity. Talking about them is still a taboo but many people are coming out in their support and helping them in their own ways.

Arpit Chhaya is one such person who started a new initiative from Vadodara and employed two transgenders in a petrol pump on Vadodara Padra road near Samiyala. They are working with the other staff and what is more interesting that the owner did not hide their identities.

"Every time I saw a transgender standing there while passing through Toll Naka during my tea business journey, I always told my co traveler that this is an unused energy in our country which can be done in the right direction. Learning more about transgender people, I realized that most of the people in this community were involved in sex work or begging. Going deeper, I found that these people are not accepted by the society due to which no one gives them a job so they are making a living by doing this type of activity. That thought gave me sleepless night and I thought to help them, " Said Arpit.

Now the question was whether to sit idly or turn this God-given idea, use them properly and create employment opportunities for transgender people. "Ever since the idea of ​​"Shell - Bageshree Enterprise" came to mind It was a question of whether I would give a job to the transgender community. I was fully aware of the challenge and whether the society would accept an event never seen before. But also the belief that if the society would accept and I can change many people's lives with my thoughts and efforts, " Said Arpit.

Shell India is becoming a direction indicator for the disabled people and women. Arpit talked to Chirag Parikh of Shell about give work to transgender people and he immediately accepted. He then interviewed 20 transgender people and selected 2 of them. After one month training for the first time in India, transgender people got a chance to come in front line retail.

"Both transgender Maya and Aarohi were all ready to work in retail with my whole other team who was also ready to accept them. Maya holds a master degree and knows six languages. While Arohi works in a saree shop and often faced the odd behavior from others. The two now works in fueling, cashing and others with pride, " Said Arpit.

He further said to engage such people in various sectors and paved a way for them to utilise their energy and expertise positively and also help for society acceptance.A new initiative from Vadodara to give employment opportunities to transgender people

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