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A missing new born baby of Lilothra village, Vadodara rescued from Bihar

A new born baby of 7 days was kidnapped from Lilothra village, Vadodara

A missing new born baby of Lilothra village, Vadodara rescued from Bihar

A new born child kidnapped from Lilothra village of Waghodia area, Vadodara was finally rescued safely from Bihar. This kid was kidnapped and sold for Rs 4,00,000 to an army officer of Bihar. This baby was born before 7 days of kidnapping.

Wife of Poonambhai Devpujak on 15th October have birth to a child in the Referal Hospital of Vadodara. On 16th she was discharged from the hospital with her healthy baby. During the period of next 7 days, on the night at 2am when the infant and the mother was in deep sleep, the infant was kidnapped.

As the complaint of this missing kid was reported, the police with the help of Technical Surveillance and Human Intelligance rescued the baby safely. Police has also arrested 6 people of the gang including the army officer and his wife.

The baby was kidnapped on 20th October and since then police were trying all of their best to find the kidnappers. Under the guidance of Vadodara's SP Dr. Sudhir Desai, Dy SP Kalpesh Solanki and team started looking for the child.

Police with the help of Human Intelligance, found a suspected a man named Kalpesh Ramansingh Rathod from Panchmahal district. After interrogating, this man spoke it all infront of the police.

There was an army officer of Bihar and his wife who were childless from 13 years. They tried IVF twice but couldn't succeed. This couple then chose the path of taking a child from someone by paying a hefty amount. This army officer contacted Pravin Yunara and Daksha Yunara and dealed with them for 4lakh Rs to get a child. Pravin contacted Kalidas of Kotambi regarding the same. Kalidas was already mentioned under police records for various crimes. Kalidas and Raman kidnapped a child from the Bhavnagarpura village at midnight. After which they left for Bihar and handed the child to the army officer for which they were paid Rs 4lakhs.

All this came forward when police strictly interrogated Kalpesh about this.

The moment of the mother getting her new born child back after 7 days was happy amd emotional.

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