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64th AGM of Vadodara dairy held on Wednesday

Powder Plant to be set up in 2025

64th AGM of Vadodara dairy held on Wednesday

The 64th Annual General Meeting of Vadodara District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited (Baroda Dairy) was held on Wednesday at Makarpura. 12 agendas were discussed in the meeting along with welfare of milk producers and a power plant in 2025.

Dairy chairman Dinesh Patel said they are paying the equal amount to the producers inspite of the losses during corona. They don't do anything wrong and everything is transparent in the administration.

The meeting was joined online virtually by Baroda Dairy regulators and leaders of milk producers' associations from four other locations. Dairy Chairman Dinesh Patel (Dinu Mama), Vice Chairman GB Solanki and MD Ajay Joshi were specially present at Makarpura Baroda Dairy, the venue of the event.

Baroda Dairy's Virtual Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday attended by office bearers including Dinesh Patel (Dinumama), Chairman, Baroda Dairy. Dinesh Patel said that a powder plant will be set up in 2025 after increase the daily milk revenue to 10 lakh liters.

Dinesh Patel said 12 key issues were discussed at the annual general meeting. Each of the topics was discussed in detail and milk producers have not raised any issue. We don't cut prices for anyone. Even though 1 lakh liters of milk was less daily in corona time, the average price of one kg of fat was Rs 685 in the year 2019-20 and we are giving the same price this year as well.

The selling price of milk has not increased for the last 17 months and in Corona's situation the milk supply has also come down and costs have also gone up. Sanitizers and masks had to be provided during the Corona era. We set up an oxygen plant at a cost of Rs 52.51 lakh at the government hospital in Chhotaudepur and also installed two ambulances.

"At present our daily average is 6 lakh liters of milk. If 10 lakh liters come daily, a powder plant can be set up. We are preparing to lay a power plant in 2025 and we are working in that direction. Ketanbhai felt that milk producers should get higher prices. Not only Rs 675, we are paying Rs 685 to milk producers. We announce prices in advance and at the end of the year. There is nothing wrong with that, " Said Dinesh Patel.

Earlier, verbal war broke out between the MLA of Savli and the chairman of Baroda Dairy, where Ketan Inamdar leveled allegations of corruption in the administration of Baroda Dairy. He alleged that members (pastoralists) were being exploited in the BJP-ruled Baroda Dairy. The Baroda Dairy dispute came to a complete halt before the matter escalated and a compromise was reached between the two before the BJP's image in Vadodara district was tarnished.

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