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13 cycling adventurers cycled 560 km in icy region of Himalayas to spread the message of vaccinating people against corona

Hoisted a huge National Flag of 50 feet to spread the message during Manali to Leh to Khardungla route

13 cycling adventurers cycled 560 km in icy region of Himalayas to spread the message of vaccinating people against corona

Nisha Kumari, girl from Vadodara, has made the city proud by leading the Ride for Nation. Ride for Vaccination Cycle expedition to raise public awareness about the corona vaccine in the Himalayan icy region. The cycling expedition was joined by 13 enthusiasts from different places. It was organized by the Rebirth Adventure Institute of Palanpur, which conducts adventure activities.

Nishakumari and her cycling companions hoisted a huge 50-foot national flag in Leh. In all the villages along the route, she campaigned for vaccination support by explaining the importance of vaccination against corona.

On June 21, SDM Raman Gharsangari flagged off this cycling expedition to speed up the vaccination drive while exploring the Himalayas as on a bicycle. On June 30, Nisha returned from a solo trip to Khardungla and the adventure came to an end. Throughout the journey, the police, administration and Border Health team encouraged the cyclists by providing them with necessary facilities.

The team visited Manali, Mahri, Tandi, Gypsa, Xinjing Bar, Sarchu, Whiskey Nala, Socer, Latto and Leh to accelerate the vaccination campaign. People from all over the place gave a warm welcome to the cyclists who came with the message of vaccination. The ADM in Leh gave the team special permission to travel to the hinterland and stay for 3 days.

Nilesh Barot, founder of the institute, said that his institute organizes programs like trekking adventure camps, nature trails to inculcate fearless attitude and love of nature in the students. The cycle trip was organized for the first time in the icy region of the Himalayas. He says that this is probably the first time that the girl of Vadodara has led such a long and adventurous journey in the icy region.

Appreciating Nisha kumari's courage, fervor and enthusiasm, he said, her ambition was to climb three snowy mountains together, including Everest, which she is currently practicing in the Himalayas.

Nisha and her colleagues and the Rebirth Adventure Institute are to be saluted for their commitment to explore the Himalayas and explain the importance of the corona vaccine to people.

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