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100% vaccination achieved in Alhadpura village under Kelanpur Primary Health Center of Vadodara taluka

Three villages of Padra taluka are also included in the list

100% vaccination achieved in Alhadpura village under Kelanpur Primary Health Center of Vadodara taluka

An initiative has been taken by the health system to train the doctors and key staff working in the government hospitals of Vadodara district in case of a third wave of corona, especially the precautionary measures, including how to maintain child health.

With it the rural community is preparing in a unique way to counter the possible attack of Corona.

Many small but well-informed villages in the district have come close to achieving the goal of 100 per cent vaccination of those who are eligible. This is being made possible by the continuous dedicated work of vaccination by the teams of the district health system and the awareness of the people.

Alhadpura village under our primary health center, which is a small village, has become the first village in the taluka to achieve 100 percent vaccination, said the medical officer of Kelanpur primary health center Jiten Rana. He informed that out of the total population of 984 of this village, 561 people fall in the category of 18+. That is, they are eligible for vaccination. 506 people have been vaccinated against it. Of the remaining 55 people, 27 had corona so they would be eligible to be vaccinated after three months. And the other 26 people mostly live in Vadodara and most of them have been vaccinated in urban areas. Thus, this small village has shown the direction of full vaccination.

Chief District Health Officer Dr. Surendra Jain said that awareness of the people of this village is worthy of salute along with the service organization ESR foundation which is cooperating in this work. The hard work of the young volunteers of the Foundation and the dedicated services of the team of Kelanpur Primary Health Center are to be thanked.

The villages of Chikhodara, Bhaliyapura, Hetampura and Tatarpura under this health center have also come close to 100 per cent vaccination and are likely to become fully vaccinated villages by next week.

The Chief District Health Officer has applauded the people and health teams of Mobha, Vanchhara and Ambada villages under Mobha Primary Health Center in Padra taluka for becoming 100% vaccinated villages. These villages have also become fully vaccinated.

Apart from this, Mobha Road, Dabhasa and Luna villages of the taluka have also come close to becoming 100% vaccinated villages.

It is to be noted here that the young volunteers of the above organization have made a great contribution to this achievement through the public awareness campaign conducted in Alhadpura village for about 10 days through various programs.

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