Gujarat is one of those states in India which poses as the model state for development.

Fondly called the ‘business-friendly state’, the state draws a lot of top firms in the world to set up their workstations in Gujarat. Gujarat has undergone some massive makeover in the past few years. The following details present you the picture of Gujarat now and then.

  • Basic Necessities

Gujarat is one of those states which barely receive rainfall. Gujarat was once a state that faced a severe shortage of rainfall. The farmers of the state were in deep distress due to the lack of availability of good water. The state has the largest coastline but it does not have a large number of freshwater rivers. The rapid increase in the number of canals in the state that carry freshwater to the various farmlands and major cities make sure that there is no shortage of water. While the other states are clueless about Water management, Gujarat has done a commendable job in managing the water crisis and serving better to the people of the state.

  • Modern facilities and infrastructure

From a state that was known only for its trading ports has now transformed into a global hub. The world-class infrastructure of the railway stations, the connectivity between the domestic airports and international airports is not something that one could find easily in all the states of India. Gujarat is also known for its no bump roads. The cleanliness of the state is also up to the mark. The banks of Sabarmati which were once filthy has now turned out to become a beautiful spot.

  • Land of Opportunities

Gujarat is the land of opportunities both for the insiders as well as outsiders. Since the state has become the hub for industrialists, a lot of jobs have sprung up in the state. This has reduced the problem of unemployment which was an issue for a long time.

  • 24*7 Electricity

Ever since the electricity board of Gujarat had some of its operations handed over to the private sector, there has hardly been a day when the state suffered power shutdown. To build a good infrastructure, the uninterrupted power supply is needed and this very basic need has fostered the various developments of the state.

Since the bifurcation of Gujarat from Maharashtra, Gujarat has been a dry state. This gives the feel of Gujarat not giving up on its values in spite of all the modernization.