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Gujarat Secretariat has promoted 35 Under Secretaries (General) as Deputy Secretary

Gujarat Secretariat has promoted 35 Under Secretaries (General) as Deputy Secretary

General Administration Department has issued the promotion of 35 Under Secretaries of various departments at Gandhinagar; the state capital of Gujarat as Deputy Secretary. All the upgraded officials are requested to carry out their duties from their current place and no change is mentioned regarding the same, as of now.

There were some important issues, due to which the Government has delayed the promotions since long, but on 26th February, 2016 during current budget session, 35 Under Secretaries of service divisions have been promoted to the position of Deputy Secretary by the Government and has been advised to continue their services to the state.

The promotions include the following officials, according to the order of the names below:

  • G.Parikh, Regional Training Centre, Vadodara
  • Shri M.N.modi, Chief Secretary Office, General Administration Department
  • P.M.Joshiyara Department, General Administration Department
  • Ronak Mehta, General Administration Department (Electoral division)
  • Hiren Thakkar, Department of Finance
  • Sachin Patwardhan, Industry and Mines Department
  • Hitendra Patel, Energy and Petrochemicals Department
  • Tejas Soni, Road and Building Office (Regional Division)
  • Ketan Suthar, Urban Development & Urban Housing Department
  • Anand Bihola, Industry and Mines Department
  • Jyotsnaben Chauhan, Department of Narmada, Water Resources, & Water Supplies
  • Shailesh Parmar, Department of Finance
  • Anjana Christian, Women and Child Development Department
  • Ruta S. Bhatt, General Administration Department (Planning Division)
  • Narendra Gadhvi, Panchayats & Rural Housing Department
  • Kunjal Pathak, Department of Finance
  • K.K.Patel, General Administration Department
  • M.N.Muni, Industry and Mines Department
  • Bhakti Shamad, Health and family Welfare Department
  • Shabana Qureshi, Ahmedabad Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration
  • Prakash Majumdar, Us. Secretary, C.M. Office
  • J.B. Patel, Labour and Employment Department
  • D.M.Thakor, Department of Information and Broadcasting
  • Shri A.S. Bhatt, Revenue Department
  • B. Thakor, Department of Agriculture and Co-operation
  • Devayat Bhramar, Housing Department
  • Ashish Wada, Housing Department
  • V.B.Padhariya, Panchayat, Rural Housing and Development
  • H.K. Prajapati, Revenue Department
  • K.P.Bhatt, Panchayat Office
  • L.G.Mahida, Revenue Department
  • V.J. Trivedi, Energy and Petrochemicals Department of Labour and Employment
  • Shri Pankaj Panchal, Welfare office
  • H.G.Raj, Law Department
  • N.D. Acharya, General Administration Department (Electoral division)

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