Rear Admiral Sanjay Roye, the Flag Officer Commanding Gujarat Naval Area (FOGNA) reviewed the operational preparedness of the Gujarat Naval Area to face the disaster management challenges associated with the Tropical Cyclone ‘Vayu’ expected to impact Saurashtra and Kuchchh during the next 24 – 36 hours. The situational review by FOGNA included a review of the meteorological and oceanographic dynamics of the Tropical Cyclone ‘Vayu’, a detailed review of preparedness of the naval units in Saurashtra and Kuchchh to ensure minimum damage and their readiness to aid civil authorities.

He also addressed a Workshop and Maritime Disaster Management Tabletop Exercise held at the District Headquarters of Indian Coast Guard at Porbandar. The workshop aimed to develop a better coordination and interagency interaction by understanding the Capabilities, Procedures and Plans of all the agencies.

In his opening address the Flag Officer welcomed the initiative taken by COMDIS1 for the workshop and spoke on disaster management and its characteristics. The participants of the workshop included the Indian Coast Guard, the Indian Navy and all the stakeholders of the State and District Administration. The interaction and exercise was positively received by all participants.


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