“Stone is the major problem in Gujarat when it comes to Kidney disease and the lethargic attitude towards their health is what makes the situation more worse. With medical science the treatment of the same is easily available in house with best equaipments,” said Dr, Pragnesh Bharpoda of Gujarat Kidney and Superspeciality Hospital in Vadodara. He also said that the awareness towards your kidneys is also important to live a healthy life.

To provide each and every available treatment related to kidney disease at one spot the Gujarat Kidney Super speciality Hospital is going to open in Vadodara. The hospital will have 20beds ICU, CT Scan, Sonography, X-Ray, blood storage, dialysis centre, pharmacy, 24/7 pathological laboratory, 4 modular operation theatre and ICU on wheels.

“The hospital will provide every available treatment under roof for the kidney patients. We provide lots of services like urology, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, spine clinic, gastroenterology, trauma care centre, joint replacement, oncology, kidney transplant, bariatric surgery, laparoscopy surgery, endocrinal surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, physiotherapy, dietician and others at one spot,” said Bharpoda.

The hospital will also accept the Maa card and provide all the service including expert opinion to the patients. Dr. Bharpoda said the patients sometime are unaware about the exact cause of their kidney problem and the experts here at the hospital will guide in the right way. Secondly the patients will also get to know about all the points related to kidney transplant which many of them are unaware of and often cheated.



  1. It is really the worst hospital. No proper treatment of patients nor cleanliness. The hospital looks good from outside but is trash from inside. Plus has a lot of hidden charges. Also no arrangement for post operation or treatment. By the name of cleanliness they have us remove our shoes outside but n o doctor or nurse does the same. All the nurses and doctors wear there own shoes and they have us remove ours saying it is for cleanliness and to not let infection and germs enter the premise. What about the doctors and nurses then. As for cleanliness, the toilets are so bad and smells like hell and they also do not know how to treat a patient or what is necessary for a patient after the treatment or the operation.