Gujarat Deaf cricket players in search of help from their association


Gujarat deaf cricket team is going to play National Cricket tournament for Deaf later in the month. However without any support from the association the players are spending money from their own pockets to take part in the tournament. Such is the situation that the players depend on others for practice, basic kits food and accommodation.

The Gujarat Deaf team is presently participating in the coaching cum selection camp at Motibaug cricket ground in Vadodara. After the camp they will visit Ranchi for 8th National Cricket Tournament of the Deaf from 23rd February to 3rd March. However the players complained about being dumped by their association and now depend on others for their cricket practice and accommodation in Vadodara.

The Gujarat team comprises of players from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Gandhinagar including Imran Sheikh from Vadodara happens to be the captain of Indian Deaf team and won world cup for the country. After so much of efforts the players are dumped by their own association and depend on others for practicing here.

Zahir Khan who is a family friend of Imran Sheikh and helping such cricketers showed his displeasure against the Association for not helping them. He said the players have to manage their own resources like the ground, playing kits and other things. However he thanked the Maharaja of Baroda to provide the Motibaug ground for the players for three days of their training camp here. Also the basic kits and other requirements are also provided to them.

If that is not enough the players are spending their own pocket money for the tickets to travel to Ranchi. As far as staying in Vadodara is concerned the coordinator Zahir Khan approaches some builder for accommodation and also contact people to provide dinner for them. He said the situation is such that the players wants to do something for their country and state but in absence of any support from the association they feel hurt like abandoned.


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