Also in talks with government to launch the programme and connect with the rural population

Gujarat based, I Online Doctor is now extensively focusing on the remote villages of state to provide them the medical expertise at their door step. They are also in talks with the government to launch the programme and connect with the rural population.

I Online Doctor is a brain child of Indian born Canadian citizen and MSU alumunus Deepak Patel who develop the application after years of research and other necessary parameters. The aim is to simplify the technology for the patients to get the healthcare at their doorstep.

He and his team extensively work on providing easy access to doctors particularly in remote areas where the doctor to patient ratio is poor. The application helps the patients to reach the doctor easily through a smart phone having internet connectivity. Doctors can diagnose, treat, provide e-Prescription and Diagnostic Lab Work as part of the video consultation. Further, the app provides secure, electronic storage of your health data, prescription ordering, home delivery and more.

After ranked among the finalists at the World’s largest conference, TiECON 2019, held at Silicon Valley the team of I Online is now target the remote villages in Gujarat. “We start with a mission to provide affordable healthcare and bridge the gap between the patient and doctor. We specially concentrate on the rural population and in talks with the Gujarat government to start the pilot project in remote villages of the state. The asha workers working closely in rural areas can help us to reach every people with possible healthcare at the door step,” said Patel.

Earlier this application has also been ranked among the ‘Top 10 Telehealth Solutions Provider’ in 2019 by the Insights care magazine of US. The application has a global outreach and a user base of more than 500,000 and 1300 registered Doctors and Healthcare Providers on the platform from all over India. With the growing needs I Online Doctor is targeting other countries to reach patients and help them to get the best possible healthcare at their doorstep.


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