Gujarat isn’t just named the “Jewel” for nothing but the immense beauty it captures in itself. The beauty is spread out through the state in various means starting from flora and fauna, the temples, the buildings, the history and so much more. In order to know about Gujarat, you will have to spare months since it encompasses so much in itself. Now, here we will be talking about the various architectures from Gujarat that will keep you glued:

  • Sabarmati Ashram: Gujarat signifies some monuments and Sabarmati Ashram is definitely one of them. Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi’s permanent residence showcases many of his belongings and the famous Charkha that is portrayed on our flag. This is situated beside the River Sabarmati which is an add-on for the amazing weather. People also visit here and stay for 1 or 2 days to fully enjoy the surroundings.

  • Old Fort: This is located in Surat and was built in the 14th This is a very important place known for three things,i.e., Mohammad Bin Tughlak, the architecture and the art all over the fort. This fort was a major base for trading during the British Era which also makes it a very important place to visit.

  • Somnath Temple: This bounds the Western coasts and is one of the greatest pilgrimage sites in the State. By the temple three rivers,e.,Kapila, Saravati and Sarasvati are seen to merge which gives a major feeling while the light and sound is played. The temple is built with the Chalukya Style in mind,and the Sanskrit cravings make it even more glorious to experience. 
  • Sun Temple: The temple is dedicated to the god of Sun and is situated by the river Pushpavati. Bhima, a ruler from the ChalukyaDynasty, had built this temple,and now it falls under the most famous archaeological structures of the country. The shrines of Gundhamandapa and Garbhagriha are the two most important parts of this temple. The pillars of this temple are something immense to witness.

Other than these architectural sites there are many other places to visit while you are in Gujarat. It is important to notice that they treat their tourists equally as they treat a god and this quality will keep you in awe while you travel through places. Remember to check for tickets and reservations prior to your visit since everything is available online nowadays.


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