The whole nation is ready for the Christmas celebration and everyone is eagerly waiting for the gifts from Santa Claus. In between there are some people for whom Santa Claus is the reason for disappointment. The reason is GST.

The people are the one who came all the way from other states to sell Christmas related items in the city. Their customers are mainly the middle class people and they sit on roadside with their items on display. They are from Sawaimadhopur in Rajasthan and around 100 families came here in the city to sell the items like Santa Claus dress, caps and other related things.

Last year they earn good here but now all their wishes fall flat as the rate of the items increased due to the GST. With such high rates the selling is down. With less margin they sold the items with heavy heart.

A businessman named Prahalad said he purchased items from Delhi and sell the items here including the transport charge which gives him profit. But with GST this time the business is low and they are now eyeing a possible loss even to get back home.

When the Christmas brings happiness for many the 100 odd families selling items on roadside is waiting for the same and for them Santa Claus becomes costly and bring disappointment.


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