GSPCA rescued 7.5 feet crocodile


Volunteers of Gujarat Society for Prevention against Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) rescued a 7.5 feet big crocodile from the Manjitha village near Maneja crossing in Vadodara. The volunteers reached the spot after the call and rescued the crocodile that strayed to the nearby ground due to the vibration from the nearby railway tracks.

As per the available details the volunteers of GSPCA received the call from a villager going back home about a big crocodile roaming around on the road near Maneja crossing. The volunteers including Raj Bhavsar and his team reached the spot to find the crocodile went inside the nearby ground due to the vibration on the road due to the railway tracks nearby.

The volunteers rescued the crocodile from the spot and handover it to the forest department.


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