A group of engineers in Baroda design a wheel chair which can be operated by turning of the head. They designed the chair especially for the Divyang people find difficulty to move from one place to another. The design is basic and the up gradation is on the card as per the requirement.

Mehul Parmar, Purvik Patel, Yogesh Goswami and Yuvraj Parmar all friends pass out engineers get along at one platform with the idea and finally design the wheelchair which moves by turning of the head. They all are members of United Sequence group involving in social service since 2014 and till date design lots of things beneficial for the Divyang people.

One of the members Yuvraj Parmar said the idea came to his mind when once he saw a divyang try to climb the over bridge on his wheelchair in scorching sun. From then he met many of such people and then came to know about the problems they faced in their day to day life and depend on the others for whenever they decide to goes out.

The four of them then decide to design the wheelchair which can move by the Divyang people by own and also affordable to them. They design and materialise the concept by spending their own pocket money. The wheelchair is operated with the help of a battery and with the help of a mechanism the person can move the chair by turning his head to the desired direction.

The idea is to help those who find difficulties to move from one place to another and depend on others. The Wheelchairs available in the market are costly and everyone cannot afford it. So the four friends decide to make the wheelchair affordable to everyone and help the person to move it by his or her own need. They said the design is just the basic one and more upgradation is on the cards as per the requirement of the people. They said the wheelchair proves to be a blessing for the people wants to move on their own.



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