Group of budding engineers in Vadodara design a device to control traffic signals smartly


Claimed to give traffic police department a smart solution to manage traffic in city

A group of budding engineers in Vadodara comes up with a smart idea to control the traffic signals in the city and gives the police department a companion to ease the congestion at points. The device runs on ultrasonic sensor and control the traffic based on the congestion. It gives a solution to the department facing the scarcity of manpower.

There is a very fine line between life and death and sometimes our lethargic approach towards important things lead to dangerous consequences. Traffic rules is one such thing which is not seriously following by everyone and they ends up in paying fines and sometimes their lives.

The most prone areas is traffic signals where people don’t even care to stop at the red light and ends up in violating the rules. Sometimes their careless approach blocked the traffic at the signal resulting in trouble to the others.

Nikhil Saraniya, Yuvraj Parmar, Yogesh Solanki, Jignesh Rathwa and Druvik Patel design the device which can control the signals smartly using the ultrasonic sensor and runs automatically after installing. They called it Auto Response Smart Signal which is a palm size device equipped with ultrasonic sensor, RDNO (physical programming board) and runs on C and C++ language. The weight is mere around 20gms but can control the traffic in 100mts area.

“Traffic is a serious problem in the city and efforts are on to find a permanent solution to it. After so much of research we finally managed to find a smart solution for the problem. We the team of five design a Auto Response Smart Signal which once installed at the signals can control the traffic smartly. The ultrasonic sensors help in control the traffic congestion smartly without any blockage. It is time saving and prevent accidents at the points,” said Yuvraj.

The device is a demo one and the team is working on the updates to launch it in next one month time. “Right now it runs on electricity but we are working on to make it solar friendly. Secondly we can install a smart angle which can measure the speed of any particular vehicle. With the help of smart circuit all the signals can be managed from one point by a click which gives the traffic police department an edge above all,” said Nikhil Saraniya.

The group is planning to patent it and will approach the traffic police department with their idea of smart traffic solutions. Once finalise the device will cost around 15,000 rupees.


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