Gotri Medical college students protest against the administration

National Safety Day 2021

A MBBS student from Gotri Medical college went missing from his house after put allegations on the college administration for failed him intentionally in the exams. In view of that the parents of the missing Devkishen Ahir and the fellow students protest against the incident on Monday and shouted slogans against the college administration.

Devkishen Ahir went missing after wrote a letter mentioning he was intentionally failed by the college administration and that hurts him badly and he went into depression. He apologize to his parents about the step and demand for justice so that the students after him don’t have to face such things.

The incident shocked the students and they held a protest outside the college on Monday along with the parents of Devkishen Ahir. Later they took out a rally and gives a memorandum to the dean on the college and demand justice in the matter.


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