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Google to answer complex questions soon

Google to answer complex questions soon

Google has updated its app to better understand complex queries and decipher the meaning of questions.

Following the introduction of Knowledge Graph in 2012, which provided information on individual brands, countries and public figures, Google is now seeking to understand the meaning of questions, rather than simply understanding each component of a phrase individually.

In a media report recently published that google can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece. So now they can get at the intent behind the entire question. That lets them traverse the Knowledge Graph much more reliably to find the right facts and compose a useful answer. And can build on this base to answer harder questions.

“We’re still growing and learning, which means we make mistakes. But know that we’re working hard on understanding your questions better so that we can find the answer to whatever you’re looking for,” said goggle in blog post.

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