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Google Remembers "Chipko movement" by creating doodles

Google Remembers Chipko movement by creating doodles

Today is 45th anniversary of Chipko Movement.To refresh the memories of 'Chipko movement', the Google Doodle of 26th March is made from the title '45th Anniversary of the Chipko Movement'. The Chipko movement was initiated by farmers to oppose the deforestation in Uttarakhand (then the Uttar Pradesh). They were annoying for the trees cut by the hands of contractors of the state forest department and claiming their claim on them. The movement started in 1973 in Chamoli district. It reached every region of Uttarakhand within a decade.

The leader of this movement was Sundar Lal Bahuguna. Under this movement, people used to stick to trees and prevent them from cutting, due to this reason Sunderlal Bahuguna is also known as vrikshmitra(trees friend). Women played a key role in this movement.

The slogan of the Chipko movement is:

kya hain jangal ke upakaar, mittii, paani aur bayaar.

mittii, paani aur bayaar, jinda rahane ke aadhaar.

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