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Go organic to beat dandruff

Go organic to beat dandruff

Using an essential oil as a part of your daily routine will not only treat dandruff, but will also give you healthy hair. Lemon oil, basil oil and tea tree oil are some of the oils that you can add to bid adieu to scalp issues, says an expert.

Garima Singh, Research and Development Manager, Organic Harvest, lists some essential oils for better results:

* Lemon oil: Enriched with the goodness of lemon and due to its clarifying properties, this oil is a wonder tonic for people with oily scalps. Besides being an antiseptic and anti-microbial, which helps fight dandruff and other secondary infections, lemon oil also renders a pleasant and long-lasting healthy fragrance to the hair.

The only factor to keep in mind is that after having used this oil, one must thoroughly rinse it off before stepping into direct sunlight, since citrus is known to react to sunlight.

* Tea tree oil: The other truly remarkable essential oil is the tea tree oil. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature, enabling it to exterminate bacterial and yeast formation on the infection prone scalps. Tea tree oil is absorbed well by the scalp and can hence be left overnight to fight dandruff. It is very light on the scalp unlike other oils. However, it is advisable to apply the oil in combination with other oils like jojoba or olive oil in order to reduce its concentration, to avoid itching and irritation on sensitive scalps.

* Basil oil: This is the best remedy to fight those white flakes. Besides being a dandruff remedy, it also conditions your hair and improves blood circulation promoting healthy hair growth. Apply it preferably for an hour or so by mixing it with other oils such as lavender and rosemary and see it work its magic towards attaining both, a clear scalp and glossy hair texture.

* Clary sage oil: Clary sage oil is well suited for all hair types. Extremely effective on oily, dry and frizzy hair, it regulates the oil production and controls dandruff by limiting the sebum in the scalp. Known for its distinctive herbal aroma, it helps boost hair growth and reverses premature balding.

It is advisable for children and pregnant women to consult a doctor before application of this oil. Concoct the most effective anti-dandruff solution, by mixing three tablespoons of clary sage oil with mandarin oil in equal measure and add five drops of lemon oil while blending.

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