Girls thrash Drunkard youths after harassment backfires


Whole Gujarat is celebrating the final day of Ganesh festival and everywhere the devotees give emotional farewell to the lord after stayed for 10 days as guest in their houses and colonies. However some negative incidents turned away all the charm of the festival.

A similar incident happened in Rajkot where some drunkard youths tried to harass a girl but it turned out to be against them. The girls and ladies present there thrashed the youths for their act before the police intervened and control the situation.

The incident happened at Trikon Baug area of Rajkot city where some drunkard youths climbed on moving truck and tried to harass a girl. However instead of backing out the girls present on the truck thrashed the youths for their act.

After the incident police stopped the truck climbed and control the situation. They detained four people in this connection and let the truck left from the spot. The whole thing was captured in camera.


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