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Girls outshine boys in 66th Convocation of MSU Vadodara

Girls outshine boys in 66th Convocation of MSU Vadodara

Girls once again outshine the boys in getting gold medals in the 66th Convocation of M.S. University of Baroda. In six facilities only girls got the gold for their academic performance and proved their mettle.

Total 267 gold medals were given to the 159 students from the university on Monday at the 66th Convocation. President of India Ramnath Kovind, Gujarat Governer O.P. Kohli and CM Vijay Rupani were present at the ceremony and blessed the students for their future.

Kovind started his speech talking about the contribution of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad towards education specially to the society as a whole. "When I was governer of Bihar I invited and met the Rajmata as Chancellor at Gaya university Convocation and came to know how she take forward the legacy of Sayajirao Gaekwad in her speech. She requested me for the Convocation and I accept the invitation readily and happy to be here on the land of Gaekwad," said Kovind.

He feel happy to see the students sitting here to get the medals and girls out numbers the boys is what is very inspiring. He said development in Gujarat is what he see and congratulate to the state government for the efforts.

Appreciating the efforts of MSU he said the university theme goes along with the culture of Vadodara. "I feel happy to know that students from all across the world came here to study. I can't claim but can say that MSU is one university where Science and Humanity goes hand in hand. I don't know much about Sayajirao Gaekwad but what I learn from the books he made education compulsary for everyone in a era when implementing such a rule is quite a big thing," said Kovind.

Kovind in his inspiring speech appreciates the efforts of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad who has the vision of education not mere as getting a job but for a social responsibility. He said

at that time there was a monarchy and he realise his responsibility and answerable to his inner consciousness.

"From this stage I bow to them what he gives to the country. MSU is his dream with Sri Aurbindo Baba Saheb Ambedkar like people associated with this university. All the credit goes to the Gaekwad family and one can find Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad sayings and thoughts in the Constitution.

He appreciates the MSU for starting the fellowships to the economically weak students. He also put pressure on Innovative solutions is what need of today. He said Artificial Intelligence, robotics and make balance with them is what is need of the hour and all the students now enter the challenges of life and use your education for the benefit of the society.

He appreciates the efforts of girls outshine boys in the medal list this year. "This year Boys get 92 and girls get 171 medals which shows the performance of the girls. Yesterday at Gujarat University i witness the same ratio. We imagine how the women go ahead in life in various fields. During the felicitation ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan .

The story of a woman from Rajasthan accept the job of a Coolie makes me emotional. I think the women shall get suport from everyone of the society. I felicitate them and also wish all the girls here at MSU to move forward and take their responsibility towards the society," said Kovind.

Finally he give condolences to the four died in the factory blast yesterday. He invited all to the Rashtrapati Bhavan which change the thinking of everyone towards the approach to life.

Before that governer O.P. Kohli, CM Vijay Rupani and education minister Bhupendra Chudasma congratulate the students and request the youth to take responsibility.

OP Kohli said the age is of Science and Technology where Humanities is losing it's place. But MSU give place to everyone and both goes hand in hand. He said the universities has the responsibility to polish the youth and character building.

CM Rupani said Gujarat feel proud to have two oldest universities have their Convocation in the presence of President of India. Many well known personalities are associated with the MSU and everyone has the privilege to learn from them. Shiksha se Diksha is what student gives to the society where personal goal and holistic approach is needed.

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