Geo politically Tibet is important for India: Tibet PM Dr. Lobsang Sangay


Also remembered Sushma Swaraj as great leader and human being

Prime Minister of Tibet Dr. Lobsang Sangay visited Parul University Vadodara and said India shall consider Tibet as their core issue like China. Geo politically Tibet is important for India and if they let China occupy it the threat from China become real. He also remember Sushma Swaraj as humble and gentle lady when he met her in 2011 and admire her as great leader and human being.

Dr. Sangay was clear in his approach and request India to take the issue of Tibet as important and help the country. He said Tibetans are following the path of Ahimsa and Non violence like Mahatma Gandhi and win their rights.

“It gives me great pleasure to visit the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I started my day with Gujarati breakfast and on this occasion want to request India to take up Tibet as their core issue just like China. Geo politically Tibet is important for India and as Sardar Patel said in 1950’s about Tibet, if you let China occupy the country then India will come come under threat from China become real,” said Sangay.

He said the situation now in Tibet is not like earlier when we saw no police and heavy security at the border. “The amount of money India spend on Indo Tibet border can be use on education and welfare activities. The only thing is India take up Tibet as their core issue. Tibet is source of 10 major rivers on which 1.4 billion people depends for their needs. The country also has rich source of minerals but China has the hold on it. If China divert the rivers then what will be the situation of the people depending on them. Mount Kailash and Man Sarovar is in Tibet and Indians need Visa to visit the holy places. Tibet has geo politically resemblance to India and shall be considered,” said Sangay.

Sangay further said that they are following and practicing Ahimsa and non violence given by Mahatma Gandhi and wants Ahimsa win like India and bring basic freedom for Tibetans in Tibet.

On former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj death he remember the lady as great leader and human being. “I met her in 2011 when Sushma ji was leader of opposition in the parliament. She was very encouraging and gentle lady with a powerful voice which makes her a great leader. We had a long interaction and she briefed me about how to become a good leader. I asked her about the loud and clear voice and she gave me the mantra of drinking hot water mixed with honey and ginger every evening and wrap the neck to get such powerful voice. It’s sad to learn she has passed away as she has friends in all the parties which makes her a great leader and human being,” said Sangay.


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