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"Genocide'' of Rohingya Muslims is a serious human crisis

All India Milli Council, Gujarat has asked the Central government to step back from its plan to deport an estimated 40,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees to Myanmar where they face persecution.

President of the council terms the center's move as frustrating. "According to several international treaties and UN conventions, India, the largest democratic country, is obliged to help Rohingya refugees who have sought asylum in the country. The union government should show humanitarian consideration towards these refugees,” said Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri.

He said that the statement of the deputy Home minister Kiren Rijiju that Rohhingyas including those with valid refugee status were illegal migrants was condemnable. He also pointed that “When many countries came forward to support Rohingya refugees, India’s official stand was shocking. Attacks against Rohingya asylum seekers have increased after Rijiju’s statement,”.

“This is a serious human crisis and needs immediate intervention not only from the UN or the US or the other world super powers but from the people all over the world. They are not only Rohingya Muslims being persecuted but the humanity is at stake,” Rizwan said.

Council General Secretary Abdul Hafiz Lakhani strongly condemned the ‘genocide’ and inhuman treatment of Rohingya Muslims by the extremist elements in Myanmar, shocked people all over the world.

In the statement he said that the information, images and videos coming from the Rakhine state of Myanmar are simply horrifying. Lakhani said that it's not a matter that the followers of one religion were brutally killing the followers of another religion. Whatever is going on out there in the Rakhine province of Myanmar is a grave crime against humanity.

“This is absolutely unimaginable in this day and age and that too in a country the leader of which has been awarded the ‘Nobel Prize for Peace’. This is a human crisis of grave proportions the world is confronted with today and yet the government of Myanmar seems oblivious of the fierceness and sensitivity of the issue, which is unfortunate,”both leaders added.

Lakhani and Tarapuri urged people that all Indians , irrespective of their religion, faith, beliefs, and sects stand together in support of the Rohingya Muslims.

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