Garba raas with swords, unique tradition in Rajkot


Normally girls play garba in a traditional way during the nine nights of Navaratri. But in Rajkot the girls play garba with swords which attract people from far away places to have a glimpse of it.

Navratri is the festival to worship Goddess Durga and its the years old tradition where the girls dressed up in traditional attire and dance to the tunes of garba. However in Rajkot it’s something different where the small girls play raas garba with swords inside the historic Ranjit Vilas Palace.

Kshatriya Mahila Mandal and Bhagini Seva Trust Foundation teaches the art of swordplay to these Kshatriya girls and they present the art during the Navratri.

The Rajput girls play the garba raas with swords in both hands wearing Kesari dress which is the symbol of war and sacrifice by Rajputs in the past. The girls play the garba raas with swords for the last eight years with an aim to revive the art of swordplay which slowly dies down. The girls worship Goddess Durga with swords which is the symbol of bravery.

The city of Rajkot organise traditional garbas for years but the swordplay raas garba in the Ranjit Vilas Palace is something unique. The raas not only show the Rajput strength but also a unique way of worship. People from far away places visit the city to witness this special garba.


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