Garba Queen Mitali Shah plan to play garba at home


Said best time to worship Mataji and play garba with family and friends

Navratri is one of the popular festival as people worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga and seek blessings. However this year Coronavirus spoil all the celebrations as we are still fighting the deadly disease causing havoc all over the world. Government also put a ban of Garba but devotees find ways to play with their family members wearing traditional dress.

Matali Shah, known as Garba Queen in Vadodara, has installed Mataji and has planned to fulfill her hobby of playing Garba with her daughter by dancing to the tunes of music in the hall of her house. She lives with her husband Ashish Shah and daughter Shanvi Shah in Bhavani Society of Karelibaug area of ​​Vadodara. A designer by profession she also runs Garba classes. This time as government banned Garba due to Corona pandemic she has decorated the hall of her house and turned it into a Garba ground.

She said, Garba is a part of her life and she along with her daughter used to go to play Garba at the Navratri Festival organized by the famous United Way in Vadodara for years. They have a group of 12 young women and were going to play Garba together every year. This time Garba has been banned by the government because of Corona which is a right thing to do.

She felt that government would allow garba with a certain number of individuals, so she made changes in her and daughter’s old Chania Cholis and prepared them during lockdown. But even the permission of Sheri Garba is not given by the government, so now they will play Garba in the hall of their house for nine days on Navratri music and fulfill their hobby.

They will also pray to Mataji that the Corona pandemic will vanish from all over the world. Garba Queen Mithali Shah added, Garba’s enthusiasm should not be lessened and this time there is a golden opportunity to sit at home and worship Mataji as Garba is banned due to the Corona pandemic.

They have installed Mataji at home their for years and fast for nine days. This time there will be more time to worship Matiji. After performing Aarti at night she along with her daughter will play five Garbas as per tradition. During the nine days of Navratri, two friends of her group will also come to play Garba.


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