Fund raising event to help underprivileged cancer patients

Second year in succession the HCG foundation organises ‘Ratri After Navratri’ to collect funds for the cancer patients. The players dance their heart out in the charity event with slogans of women empowerment and cancer awareness.

This year too HCG Foundation organise the garba event to raise funds through donations towards helping economically marginalized cancer patients. The“Ratri After Navratri” with Gautam Dabir is to help underprivileged cancer patients access quality cancer care under the experts at HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara.

The‘Ratri After Navratri” has been organized to ensure everyone get quality cancer care. The cause is being supported by ONGC, Bank of Baroda, Neptune Reality Group, GACL, BITA, OPAL, Reliance, Red FM, The branding ants, Kala Niketan, Omorfos.



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