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Garba Organisers take ellorabrate steps for rains

Garba Organisers take ellorabrate steps for rains

Garba organizers all set to fight rainy days during Navratri

The world famous longest dancing festival is a week away and the garba enthusiasts already making plans and all set to enjoy it. However a warning of heavy rains from the meteorological department might dampen their spirits but the organisers are taking measures to ensure the non stop enjoyment for the revellers and the audience.

Meteorological department issued warning of rains during September month end in Gujarat which might dampen the spirits of the garba revellers. Last year also rains forced people to get away from the grounds briefly but they enjoy the garba. However this time the organisers taking elaborate measures to flush out rain water from the ground.

The oldest garba Allaiya Ballaiya organised for the last 21 years specially for children in Vadodara. The organisers create the ground in such a way that the water will flush out.

"We prepare the ground in such a way that the water will flush out even after 2 inches of rain. We develop the drainage system which is the network of pipelines running on gravity flush the water out and the children can enjoy garba. We also develop waterproof enclosures for the audience where they can stay in case of raining. The stage is also waterproof and we are taking every measure to ensure non stop enjoyment for the revellers," said Ajay Dave organiser of Allaiya Ballaiya.

Jayesh Thakkar organizer of Maa Shakti Garba Mohotsav said, " We are doing Garba since 18 years and we are largest in India hence we learn from our experiances and this time we have created a special trained team with equipment, this team will work to remove rain water out of ground, Our audiance seating arrangment and stage is also water proof.

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