On Tuesday the whole Vadodara city indulge in worship Ganesha and give emotional farewell to the lord after the 10 days festival. Various Mandals with decorative themes took out processions on the city roads add attraction to the festival and on lookers.

For the last three years Indraprasth Yuvak Mandal in Ellora park area celebrate the Ganesha festival in a unique way with decorative elephants lead the way of lord procession on the final day of the festival.

The elephants lead the way of the Ganesha procession which looks like both of them protecting the lord. The band alongside add the flavour and attraction for the people watching the procession.

President Tarang Shah of the mandal said that the idea to took put such unique procession is to stop the sound pollution and use the traditional beats of dhols. The 8 foot idol is immersed in Sursagar lake.


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