Dreaded gangster Mukesh Harjani was shot dead after 9 rounds were fired on him at the Harni area of Vadodara city.


Sources said that he was fired on when he was coming out from a party and before he can enter his car he was fired on, a black colour four-wheeler came and the assailants fired on Harjani.


According to the sources total nine rounds were fired and one misfired as there was a live cartridge at the spot. Injured Harjani was rushed to Metro hospital in critical condition and later he was declared dead as per the sources.


Harjani was out on bail and the firing on him before the PM Narendra Modi visit to the city is a big question mark for the law and order situation in the city.


Earlier on 15th October just five days ago two rounds were fired in personal enimity in the wadi area and now a gangster was shot dead. However the assailants details are awaited and police teams are looking out for them.