CCTV footage proves to be a great help for the police to crack the cases registered in the files. Such a case came to light in Vadodara when the CCTV footage helped the police to trace the gang of women involved in theft of sarees from inside a showroom one month earlier.

As per the details one month earlier a theft was reported inside the Bhagyalaxmi Boutique saree showroom in Gorwa area where gang of six women was captured in the CCTV camera.

The incident was reported on 30th November 2017 and the police believe the gang might be from the Dahod side. The CCTV showed how one of the member of the gang grab the sarees and pass it on to her associate standing just behind. They all then left the showroom with the items.

A complaint in this regard was registered in Gorwa police station and they start investigating the matter accessing the CCTV footage from the showroom. After a month they finally succeed to arrest the gang of six and started investigating about the other thefts they involved in.



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