Get seven stitches on head

A girl student of MSU had a close shave after the window grill fell on her in Arts faculty on Tuesday. The injured girl was shifted to the nearby medical facility for treatment. Student leaders take serious note of the incident and demand to repair the dilapidated structures in the university.

As per the available details the window grill fell on the girl named Sharvani Bhosle studying in First year BA in the afternoon when she was passing near the canteen along with her group. As the grill fell on her she got injured and she sit on the ground as the glass pieces pierced her head.

The incident shocked the other students present there and they immediately took her to the nearby medical facility for treatment. The doctors attended the student and put seven stitches on her head. The girl miraculously escaped as the iron grill not fell on her.

The university students group condemn the incident and collectively gives a memorandum to the concerned department to repair the buildings.


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