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Commit for "Organ Donation" with Driving License - Gujarat

Commit for Organ Donation with Driving License - Gujarat

Organ donation is one of the most noblest deed any human can do and save a life.

Gujarat state, Regional Transport Office (RTO) had taken a step forward to save the lives of people who are in need of an organ. The new option of organ donation is added in the form of driving license .This newly added option is not compulsory, it is kept optional.

As per the reports received ,from now you can commit to save a life by opting for organ donation while applying for driver's license.In case of any accidental death, authorities can identify person's desire to donate his/her organ through the license.


This will help to save life of some one who is in desperate need of an organ.

CM Anandiben Patel tweeted and appeal people of Gujarat to register themselves for organ donation and help to save lives of people.

PM Narendra Modi further said that the RTO has also made it mandatory for all drivers to give a cellphone number which can be contacted in case of an emergency. This will ensure that relatives of drivers are informed immediately after an accident takes place.

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