The Fee Regulation Committee of Vadodara took a strong stand against the two schools for violating the FRC rules and ordered both the schools to return the collected fees to the parents.

The Fee Regulation Committee of Vadodara has directed the city’s two nominated schools, Global Discovery School and Sant Kabir School, to refund the fees to the students. The FRC was set up by the state government to control the haphazard fees collected by schools. But some schools were still not following the government’s decision.

The FRC committee held a hearing and summoned the school administrators and ordered immediate refund of the additional fees collected in addition to the fees fixed by the state government. In which 36.99 lakhs from 1516 students of Global Discovery School and 26 lakhs from 563 students of Sant Kabir school, a total amount of more than 73 lakhs has been ordered to be returned to the parents.

On the other hand, members of Vadodara Parents Association also welcomed the decision of FRC. The FRC committee says that there are still complaints against Vibgyor, Billabong, DPS, GPS schools and a hearing will be held against them in the coming days. Although no punitive action has been taken against the schools, four installments have been given to the schools to refund the fees in view of the covid pandemic situation.


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