Found 120kgs of Papaya ripening with powder and destroyed on the spot

Summer is already set in so as the king of fruits mangoes starts arriving in the markets. However the sellers in order to earn profit use powder to ripen the mangoes and plays with the health of people.

Four teams of VMC health department conduct checking at the mango shops at Khanderao market in Vadodara on Monday. The teams check the premises for Artificial ripening of mangoes in the area but found nothing. However the teams found and destroyed 120kgs of Papaya ripen with the help of carbide powder.

Food safety officer Jitendra Gohil said their teams search around 55 establishments inside the fruit market as per the High Court guidelines. However no such mangoes were found from there but they found 120 Kgs of Papaya ripening with carbide powder and destroyed it.

As the season of mangoes already set in and makeshift tents are already in place to sell the juice to people. The checking will be continued as the sellers might use carbide powder to ripen the mangoes and selling it to people at high rates.


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