All the four pro-BJP candidates have emerged victorious in today’s election for four seats in the teacher category of the important Maharaja Sayajirao University syndicate. Voting was held by members of the Senate today from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m followed by the counting of votes. At the end the candidates who got the most votes were declared the winners. The candidates distribute sweets and celebrate the win with heavy fire works at the head office.

Elections are held every 3 years for 15 seats of the important syndicate of MS University. Out of a total of 15 seats in various categories of the syndicate held from 2021 to 2024, 10 were declared uncontested just before the election. 4 seats of Teachers category were goes into election on Thursday. A total of 5 candidates for the Teachers category, Dr. Nikul Patel, Chetan Somani, Dr. Vijay Singh Rathore, Dr. Dilip Kataria and Minesh Shah filed nomination papers.

Syndicate members, who were declared uncontested without elections, also made strenuous efforts to make the four seats in the teachers category uncontested. But, Dr. Nikul Patel did not withdraw his candidature. As a result, elections were held at the university’s head office today.

Voting began at 11 a.m. at the university’s head office amid tight implementation of the Covid-19 guideline. A total of 70 Senate members voted and the counting took place at 3.30pm at the Senate Hall after the polls closed at 3pm. In which pro-BJP candidates Chetan Somani, Dr. Vijay Singh Rathore got, Dr. Dilip Kataria and Minesh Shah got the winning votes. While not giving up against the uncontested elected syndicate members, Dr. Nikul Patel got only 4 votes. One vote was invalid.

The pro-BJP candidates in the teachers category was congratulated by the uncontested elected syndicate members, senate members as well as teachers and professors of the university after their victory. The win was celebrated by the supporters with fireworks at the head office.


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