A former cricketer carries his tiffin from his home and sit on the ground and eat to show his protest against the Baroda Cricket Association. The former cricketer was angry after the lunch dish was snatched from his hand during the Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament at Motibaug ground. Many cricketers including international cricketer carries the tiffin to the match and eat the lunch there during the match.
The former cricketers went to enjoy the match at Motibaug where Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament is going on. Two days earlier the former cricketers went to have lunch where the person maintaining register asked for the token and snatched the dish from him.
IMG-20170204-WA0018After such an insult the cricketers got angry and feel BCA insulted them with such a treatment. To teach a lesson to them the cricketers carries their own tiffin with them and sit on the ground at Motibaug during the match and have lunch. They showed their displeasure to the BCA after such a treatment to the former cricketers.

Connor Williams said that they all are going to watch the local matches at Motibaug ground but BCA insulted them. There is no sitting arrangements for them and also the management asked for tokens during the match. That’s why they along with Chandrashekhar Mohite, Raju Nayak, Ajit Bhoite, Sanjay Patel and Ajit Bhosle carries tiffin from home and have lunch.

However BCA member Amar Petiwala said that there was no insult to the cricketers and the reason for the token is pass the bill easily. He also said that there was no snatching of dish and there is also arrangements for the former cricketers. There must be some miscommunication which they will solve.