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Ford Mustang best selling sports car in US

Ford Mustang best selling sports car in US

Ford Mustang has became best selling sports car in US. With massive 300 horsepower 3.7 litr. v6 engine make it super powerful sports car,according to Ford. Ford Mustang had long history in it self. Ford Mustang is manufactured by US automobile company Ford.


The company in 1962 made first original two-seater concept car Ford Mustang I and than in 1963 company create four seater concept car Ford mustang II. Company decided to see which Ford used to pretest how the public would take interest in the first production Mustang. Than in 1963 Ford Mustang was designed by the company. In early 17th of April 1964 car has been launched just after the 15 days of plymouth Barracuda launched. and In 1965's mustang became the automaker's most successful launch since the "Model A".


Since that time to now Ford Mustang had been many updates models. The company introduce Ford Mustang Fastback in 1965 then hardtop in 1967, SportsRoof in 1969, SportsRoof 1973 in 1973, Mustang II in 1974-78, Convertible in 1987-93, Coupe in 1994-98, GT side view in 1999, GT Premium Convertible in 2005, GT/CS convertible in 2007–2009, GT in 2010, convertible in 2014, Sixth generation in 2015.


With this success car has to face many strong competition with other car company. In that competition biggest name came out of Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. but the something special hidden factor in Ford Mustang that make this first choice for sports car.

There are some analysis figure of best selling sports car in US. with 105,932 sell Ford Mustang is on the top position than Chevrolet Canaro with 72,705, Dodge Challenger 64,478, Hyundai Veloster 30,053, Chevrolet Corvette 29,995, Tesla Model S 29,421, Mazda MX-5 9,465, Porsche 911 8,901, Jaguar XE 6,656, Nissan 370Z 5,913. Ford Mustang has been the best selling car in the states from 45 years straight.

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