Collect samples for lab testing

Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan health teams started checking in the city for adulteration in Fafda and Jalebi the delicacies of upcoming Dusherra festival. The teams check the quality of the items as the sellers use caustic soda to prepare Fafda and colours in the Jalebi which is injurious to the health of people.

Fafda and Jalebi is a tradition follows by everyone in Dusshera and make shift stalls are already in place at various locations in Vadodara city. The food safety teams also tighten up their shoe strings to check the adulteration in the food items and on Wednesday conduct checking at various places in the city.

The sellers mix caustic soda in the fafdas to make it spicy and also more quantity of colour then the decided 1gm in 10kg of Jalebi. Based on the information the 6 teams conduct checking at different farsan shops and makeshift stalls.

Food inspector Jitendra Gohil said the farsan makers use caustic soda and more amount of colours in the food products. The use of colours in jalebi more then the decided quantity is punishable and hence they took the samples of both the items for laboratory testing. They also check the gram flour at the spot.

The teams checked around 20 stalls and seven farsan shops at various places and didn’t find anything suspicious in the good items. The samples are send to the laboratory got testing.


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