Nowadays pollution take its toll on the people specially the two wheeler drivers.

The flying insects are the biggest problem and according to a reputed eye surgeon Dr. Ashok Mehta the cases of such eye problems are on rise. Dr. Mehta recently operated a 25 year male who suffered a big swelling inside his eye due to a flying insect which stuck deep inside the eye.


The executive was driving and the flying insect hit his eye and stuck deep inside in Conjuctiva which is a protective layer for the eye. After seven hours the patient approached the doctor as the pain inside the eye was unbearable for him.

“The insect was a flying object and after the impact stuck inside the Conjuctiva and the injury further worsened as the puss is also released from the eye. The patient had severely Inflammed eye and heavy swelling inside before the operation,” said Mehta.


Dr. Mehta completed the surgery and removed the insect from the eye. “With the help of Operating Microscope we did the surgery after eye is magnified with the illumination. Later the dead insect was removed from the eye with Micro Surgical Equipment. In case of delay the person may lost his eye,” said Mehta.

Dr. Mehta further elaborated that he received nearly 20 cases of such problem every month where the drivers rub the eye and the insect released some toxin which caused the injury and further damage the eye.


He also said that in any case don’t splash water inside the eyes as it damage the tears glands which is considered to be the best protective layer for the eyes. If one can then use normal filtered and mineral water to wash the eyes gently in case of insect inside. Also everyone should use protective glasses while driving to avoid direct hit on eye.