Early morning on Saturday a crew member was killed and two pilots suffered injuries when a helicopter crashed at Badrinath. The helicopter met with the accident while taking off from the shrine carrying pilgrims. All the five pilgrims are from Vadodara and survived the crash. The family members here in Vadodara had a sigh of relief after they received the call from Badrinath about the well being of the five people.

Naveen Patel and his wife Jyotsana Patel residing in Dwarkesh Leela Bunglows at Harni road went to Chardham yatra on 6th June. One more couple Harish Rathod and his Leela Rathod along with Bhaniyara Shaktidham priest Ramesh Arvind alias Ketanram Maharaj also accompanied the Patel couple for the Yatra.BadrinathOn 7th they started the yatra from Dehradun and expected to return back to Dehradun on 9th June but due to the bad weather they stopped at Badrinath. On Saturday morning they were expected to return back to Dehradun in a helicopter but due to the weather it crashed during take off.

The helicopter was from Castle aviation from Mumbai and the engineer died in the crash. However the Pilot received injuries in the crash and the passengers miraculously escaped in the crash. Naveen Patel called his son Siddharth and informed them about their safety and said that they will be returning back till 12thJune.


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