Fathers are the best person to talk to when you need to know something. He is that every person in your life who would let you know about every possible thing in your life. So to make this occasion special and memorable you need to think of some exceptional and unique. You can go for selecting some of the ways that are unique and filled with excitements.Your father too needs something much overwhelming to linger upon.  Find out some new strategies to prepare for the day with a new buzz. There are some of the cool ideas that can make you spend the day happily and calmly with your father. Some of them are shared below:

  • Cook him his favourite dishes

Right after the moment when children get fond of eating, parents always think of cooking dishes that their kids like. It is always about the “children” and their preference. This Father’s Day, take out the time from your busy schedule and cook some of your father’s favourite dishes.

  • Take him out on your expenses

Your entire life, your father has invested in you. Took you out to eat your favourite food, bought you your favourite clothes, toys, bikes, mobile, and did everything. This Father’s Day, turn the table around and take him out on your expenses. The happiness on his face and the price in his eyes can be your biggest return gift.

  • Take him for a short vacation

You can also take your father on a short vacation. Choose any tourist destination near your city and take him there for a 2 or 3 days trip. Enjoy this entire time with him. Listen to what he says and try to take his insight about things.

  • Watch a match

Every man is a big fan of sports. So, if there is any sport’s match that is being held in your city. Be it a baseball match, a football match or cricket, take him out with you to watch the match. It will be a sheer delight watching your father cheering up for his favourite team.

  • Call his friends home

What can be a better idea than calling his friends home and organizing a little warm-up party? This will make your father go back in his times and will give him a chance to relive those moments with his friends all over again.

These 5 cool ideas will surely turn out in a great one if planned and executed in the right way.