[:en]Dipa Karmakar created history by becoming the first Indian gymnast to enter the Olympic final. She qualified for the final round in the individual vault final of artistic gymnastics after finishing eight on the standings.

By competing in the third dub divison, she had an average score of 51.665. By time she finished, Dipa was 6th in vaults and 27th overall and had to endure a nervous wait of five hours for the other two sub divisions to finish. The top eight qualifies for the finals.

On Tuesday she turned to 23, on her birthday unlikely she was allowed to receive birthday greetings from her parents only.


As per the reports of new agency sources said that they have removed the SIM card from the mobile. Only Dipa’s parents are allowed to talk to her. They don’t want her to lose focus, a day afterDipa became the toast of the nation by making the final of artistic gymnastic’s vault finals.

With no other competitor managing to surpass her score in individual vault, she managed to enter final and grab a piece of history.

By the time she will finish it will be August 15 in India, and a medal in gymnastics can be the greatest Independence Day gift to the nation.