First Gujarati one shot film ’47 Dhansukh Bhavan’


47 Dhansukh Bhavan is the first Gujarati one shot film completed in single take with one camera. The concept is launched for first time in Gujarat by Naitik Rawal. The audience will not see any cut in the film from start to end.

The film becomes a talk of the town and enthusiasts are talking about the content and the concept. Another promo of the film was launched and the suspense is still there about what happened to the three lead actors in the movie.

The film is written and directed by Naitik Rawal and the audience will see Gaurav Paswala, Rishi Vyas and Shyam Nayar Desai in lead roles. The teaser of the film has no dialogues except a single line of dialogue that says, ‘Upar Koi Hai’. This grey shade film teaser seems to create shivering effect amongst audience.


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